Possibly “Resurrecting” My Blog

For the past few weeks, I have been participating in a course called “Bootcamp:  Developing and Assessing Digital Writers” hosted by KQED – Teach.  The primary focus really had to deal with classroom blogs.  Very informative and helpful.  I still have one assignment to finish before I can say I completed the course.

I realized there is a lot to think about and lots of decisions to be made if you plan to have students blog in the classroom.  Being a math teacher, I have to figure out what they would even blog about.  Of course, I could have the blogging done in my ACT Prep class.  Those students could write about the book they are currently reading.

Some issues that I need to address first before even considering blogging for my students:

  1.   What kind of access to computers or Chromebooks will my class have?  I’m supposed to share with the English teacher across the hall, but she is using them just about every day in every class.  If I’m teaching ACT Prep in the “electronic classroom” (distance learning – teaching ACT Prep to other schools in the state), would I have Chromebook access since I’m not in my regular room?
  2.  Are blogging sites even accessible at school?  Some sites are blocked by our filter.  I would have to see if there is any possibility that Bergie (our computer guy) would unblock whichever blogging platform I choose to use.
  3.  How much time would be required to “teach” students how to set up a blog and even how to make reasonable and constructive comments?  What if a student doesn’t have internet access at home?  Exactly what topics would need to be taught in relation to the blogging process?
  4.   How will students be graded?  This will go back to the assessment “make and share” that I haven’t completed yet in the bootcamp.

The above issues are questions and issues that I am thinking about.  The bootcamp made me realize that there are a lot of decisions that need to be made before starting the blogging process with students.

Right now, I’m using my blog to get some of my thoughts together.  If  someone wants to offer advice or input, feel free.

As a result of the bootcamp, I have a LOT of tabs open.  You just don’t want to even imagine how many!  I’m planning to put them in a bookmark folder, but then I forget I have a folder.  So, my plan is to put them in a folder and also to list them here for easy access.  Eventually, I may try to write a short description of each so that I’ll know what information can be found on each site.

Another goal of mine in the immediate future is to go back through some of the comments made by other teachers during the bootcamp.  People had good suggestions that I want to think about.  If I put them here, then I’ll have everything in one spot.

In addition to thinking about the whole blogging process, I plan to do some research about teaching on the block schedule.  Our school is moving to a modified block schedule this year from a 7 period day.  Not thrilled about it, but I have no choice.  I may use my blog to reflect on the journey.  (Can’t guarantee how much I will post, but I’m going to try!)

In trying to figure out all the blog stuff, I think I’m going to add a Links Page at the top.


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