Keeping Track of Some More Stuff

Just keeping up with some more materials (thought it would be easier to keep track of some stuff here than with the umpteen million bookmarks I have!)

Group Work Roles – Math=Love

Somewhere I heard about Taylor’s Polynomials.  When can I find time to read it?!

Some stuff on differentiation (definitely an area I need to work on!) – Differentiation

And we are switching over to Common Core!  

  1. Some North Carolina support documents.  
  2. Arizona flip-book – really long to print but looks like it has good stuff.
  3. Gulfport School District – Outline for Algebra II
  4. EngageNY – has lot of material for Algebra II but when I looked closer it was only for the 1st nine weeks!
  5. EngageNY – Pre-Calculus  (incomplete)

Any help for curriculums for courses above Algebra II?  I have found it hard to find materials for “Algebra III” (formerly known as Pre-Cal/Trig)?


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