Stuff to Look At

The world is full of good intentions!  I so meant to keep up with the MTBoS missions last fall, and just couldn’t.  For one thing, I don’t have a Twitter account and couldn’t figure out a good “name”.  I think I have decided on one, but haven’t gotten up the courage to go sign up!

Right now, we are in the process of implementing Common Core in our high school.  I will be teaching Algebra II (regular and Accelerated), Algebra III (really Pre-Cal/Trig), AP Calculus, and ACT/SAT Prep (really an Academic Competition class).  My main concern is that my Algebra II students have NO common core math before now.

For the time being, I may be using this blog to keep track of some ideas for future units.  This will serve as a “storage area” for me, so please bear with me if you happen to be reading this!

Functions:  see Algebra’s Friend post about functions.  It shows some ways for students to think about functions in a fun way.  Several activities here to look at!

Posters for Mathematical Practices:  Everybody is a Genius has color posters of the 8 Mathematical Practices.

More info on mathematical practices:  Quick Tips

2-minute drills (Algebra’s Friend):  Samples

Projects in Math (also some possible reading material):  Algebra’s Friends – Projects in Math Class

Twitter Chat Schedule (for my spare time) – posted by Algebra’s Friend

Activity for Rational Functions – Continuous Everywhere but Differentiable Nowhere

Algebraic Expressions (Central Park problem) – dy/dan

Classroom Rules – posters from Math=Love

Function Machine stuff to look at (Math=Love)

Yes, I subscribe to a LOT of math blogs! Maybe one day, I will have something worthwhile to contribute!

Enough for tonight!


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